Access Control and Card Access Systems Ottawa Corporation, based in Ottawa, has been providing card access control systems since 1983, utilizing card readers, proximity tags and biometrics. We offer a variety of access control and card access systems to manage access to a site, or section of a site, for certain personnel at specified times, while maintaining corresponding access logs using the latest technology available on the market.

Jarrett ESP Services Ltd.

In January, 2014, purchased Jarrett ESP Services Ltd. to further enhance our access control and card access expertise and service offerings. Founded in July 1986, by Jim Jarrett, Jarrett ESP Services has been a leading service provider of access control systems, including systems made by Kantech and Honeywell in the Ottawa region for over 28 years.

Marko Trstenjak joined Jarrett ESP in 1990 and Mike Bowes came on board 2006. Marko and Mike are now part of the team who, along with two others, Jonathan Jordan and Mark Montserin have formed an integrated task force to support all major access control systems in the Ottawa area. The integrated task force have been cross trained on all major access control platforms, ensuring 24/7 support for any technical issues that may arise; thereby providing more comprehensive and faster response times.

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